“Music opened my eyes to new possibilities. Now I make songs to teach history.”

Music has always been my outlet. As a child, I had a deep love for music, but I didn’t have the resources to learn about the technical aspects of production. I learned about Urban Arts Partnership through the Fresh Prep program, where I listened to Hip-Hop songs about global history. Soon enough, I was hooked! I didn’t know learning could be that fun.

I joined the Urban Arts Partnership Academy after school to try to create my own music. It was a simple start, making rhymes for math formulas that I couldn’t remember in class. In my third year of the program, I began to mentor younger students, teaching them the skills I had learned. I graduated high school in 2013, and when I’m not in college classes, I create music that teaches United States and World history to help students like me succeed.

#ArtMakesMe a producer with purpose.