“Performance training gave my voice strength. Now I want to help others craft their story.”

I joined Urban Arts Partnership’s music production program as a junior in high school. The support and creative freedom allowed me to develop my identity as an individual, a student, and an artist. I have always considered myself creative and passionate about my art, but I never envisioned myself standing before large groups of people who wanted to hear what I had to say. That changed because of Urban Arts Partnership.

Once I started performing and experimenting with music, I started sharing my ideas and beliefs in other areas of life. I participated more in class. And, most importantly, I started to imagine more boldly – about my goals, my education, and my future. Urban Arts Partnership opened my eyes to various pathways in the music industry and helped me establish my career goals. I was inspired to build a legacy in business after attending an eye-opening master class. Learning how to use the arts to make a difference in other areas of education and life has made me approach my future creatively. I want to establish a career in business while producing music that spreads messages of unity and peace.

Urban Arts Partnership has been there for me. Because of the scholarship I earned through their program, I will be able to begin college this fall. I hope to become a leader who can help other young artists reach their full potential.

#ArtMakesMe a college student who gives back.