“Playwriting gave me the confidence I lacked. Now I’m studying medicine to help others.”

I was always shy as a kid, which held me back in school and with my friends. After joining Urban Arts Partnership, I received encouragement from my peers and teaching artist, which made me feel confident in my writing skills. Over time, I could feel that confidence guide me both at home and in the classroom. Writing was a refuge and a point of progress – it enabled me to work through issues going on at home, and was especially helpful to me after my family lost our home during Hurricane Sandy. It helped me find comfort and peace during a troubling time.

Urban Arts inspired me to approach life with curiosity and confidence, which dramatically changed my experience in the classroom. I went from thinking my opinions didn’t matter to seeking leadership positions around issues I care deeply about. In my senior year of high school, I joined the leadership group, helping fellow students create works that inspire positive change within ourselves and our communities. Urban Arts Partnership helped me shed years of shyness and developed a confidence in my own opinions. I have realized the power of my own voice – which permeates all areas of life – from my education to professional goals. My time at UAP developed my passion for supporting and helping others, which is why I’ve chosen to be pre-med at Fordham University.

#ArtMakesMe a pre-med with confidence.